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Diamond Blades, Cutting Discs and Cutting Wheels

When purchasing a diamond blade you need to take careful consideration on which diamond blade matches your application the best, in an ideal world it would be easier to have one diamond blade for every application but in reality the optimum cost per cut can only be achieved by matching the diamond tool as closely as possible to the material being cut. By matching the cutting blade to the application precisely the user will receive faster and cleaner cutting characteristics whilst also receiving product longevity due to lower segment wear rates.

Although we recommend matching the product to the application we fully understand that you work in the real world when down time changing diamond blades costs you time and money, for this reason ADP Diamex have produced a range of diamond discs that will cut a wider range of material applications reducing the need to change the diamond blade each time the material being cut is changed.

Below you will find listed diamond blades for specific applications and also you will find Dual purpose diamond blades that will cut hard materials and concrete, and Tri purpose diamond blades that will cut Concrete, abrasive materials and asphalt.

If you are unsure in any way as to which diamond blade is best for you give us a call, we're always happy to help.

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