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Diameter: 300mm
Bore Size: 20mm
Segment Height: N/A
Segment Width: 3.1mm
Dry/Wet: Can be used dry or wet 
Segment Type: Vacuum Brazed Grit
Gullet Type: Keyhole
Centre Ventilation: No
Recommended For: Air Grinder, Angle Grinder &  Disc Cutter

Applications: Brick, Concrete Block, Ductile Iron Pipe, Wood, Plastic & Fibre Glass

The ADP Diamex 300mm All Cut universal diamond blade is the ideal tool for the contractor who requires a diamond disc to cut a large variation of applications without the need to change the diamond wheel each time the materials being cut alters. This type of Vacuum brazed diamond blade has often been referred to as a rescue blade and has for many years been used by the emergency services because of its variety of cutting applications.

The 12" Universal All cut diamond blade uses a process of vacuum brazing to attach large pieces of diamond grit to the cutting edge of a steel centre; this manufacturing process allows the diamond grit to be held constantly in contact with the material being cut producing a very fast and effective removal