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Diameter: 180mm
Bore Size: 22.23mm

Segment Height: 9mm
Segment Width: 2.6mm
Segment Attachment: Sintered
Dry/Wet: Wet or Dry Use
Saw Type: Angle Grinder, Disc Cutter & Bench Saw
Segment Type: Continuous Castellated Turbo
Centre Ventilation: Yes

Applications: Ductile Iron, Granite, Class A Engineering Bricks, Clay Paviours, Clay Pipes Vitrified, Clay Roof Tiles, Non Abrasive Indian Sandstone, Hard Facing Brick, Medium Facing Brick, Quarry Tiles, Hard Slate.

The ADP Diamex 180mm Superior Plus Hard Materials diamond blade has been designed to cut the hardest construction materials. With a soft diamond segment design to release the diamond grit quicker our hard materials 7" diamond disc will effortlessly cut materials like: Ductile Iron, Granite, Engineering Brick, Clay Paviours, Vitrified Clay Pipes, Clay Roof Tiles, Quarry Tiles, Non Abrasive Indian Sandstone, Hard and Medium Facing Brick. With its large application range and broad cutting spectrum these diamond cutting blades offer the user great performance, lifetime and durability. The ADP Diamex Hard materials range of Diamond blades can be used on angle grinders, disc cutters and bench saws. These cutting edge diamond blades allow unrivalled performance, their segment design give the user the fastest diamond cutting characteristics available from any diamond blade supplier in the UK and will allow fast cutting of the hardest materials like granite. Our Hard Materials saw blades have recently undergone a facelift, previously black diamond blades these UK diamond discs now have a clean orange design with full UK diamond blade safety information etched into the steel centre allowing the user to easily identify the diamond tool maximum RPM, cutting application, diamond disc product identifier and all relevant UK diamond blade safety information. Our UK Diamond blades offer fantastic value with our rates as low as wholesale diamond blade prices we can provide low cost diamond blades when purchased as 6 diamond blades or 12 diamond blade quantities.

ADP Diamex Direct are Stihl, Makita, Norton and Husquvarna spare part stockists and can provide consumables and spare parts for Stihl disc cutters, Makita angle grinders, Norton bench saws and Husqvarna road saws, for a spare parts list please give us a call or send us an email with the make and model of you saw and we will send you a spare parts list to order from.

ADP Diamex Direct allows you to buy your diamond discs direct from one of the largest diamond blade suppliers in the UK at some of the most competitive prices available.