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Ceramic, Porcelain and Granite Drilling

Ceramic, Porcelain and Granite Drilling

Over recent years the requirement for more effective drilling and cutting tools has been driven by the introduction of increasingly hard decorative wall and floor tiles into the market place. With these challenging ultra hard materials in mind ADP Diamex have produced some of the most effective drilling and cutting tools available. Due to the quality of the components used and the uncompromised manufacturing process these products offer the user a fast, accurate and cost effective solution to an ever increasing problem without the need to purchase expensive dedicated ceramic, Porcelain and Granite drilling and cutting machines. No more cracked or broken tiles these bits offer fast precise drilling in ceramics, Marble, Terracotta, Granite and Porcelain. Whether you are drilling these materials on a daily bases or just have an occasional use ADP Diamex have a range of diamond drills bits, hole saws and diamond blades to suit your needs and budget.

Medium - Soft Ceramic tiles (Occasional Use) Use Master Plus Ceramic Drill Bits (Solid Segment). Size range 6mm-10mm Hard - Soft Ceramic tiles, Porcelain and Granite (Semi-Frequent Use) Use Superior Ceramic Drill Bits / Hole saws (Electro Plated). Size range 5mm-83mm. Hard - Soft Ceramic tiles, Porcelain, Ceramic and Granite (Regular Use) Use Superior Plus Ceramic Hole saws (Solid Segment). Size range 6mm-80mm

One common factor when using ceramic drilling tools is the use of water, Water not only cools the segments but flushes the hole to stop excessive wear of the bit. To help direct water to the cutting tip and also centre the bit the addition of the mini guide/easy guide and pressurised water bottle is required(see page 42) Although ceramic hole saws and drill bits can be used on an electric drill at low speed our experience has shown that for best results they should be used on a low speed battery operated drill.

Master Plus Ceramic Dill Bits (Solid Segment)

Our easy to use Master Plus Ceramic drill bits (Solid Segment) offer a cost effective way to drill holes from 6mm - 10mm diameter in ceramic tiles. The large solid diamond segment offers good value and life time in medium to soft ceramic products.

Superior Ceramic Drill Bits / Hole saws (Electro Plated)

Our Superior range of Electro plated diamond drill bits and hole saws offer excellent value for money whilst delivering outstanding performance. Electroplating diamond grit directly to the side of the barrel ensures the drill starts cutting immediately, with no bond to wear down the diamond grit it is constantly exposed to the material enabling a fast and accurate cut in the hardest of manmade and natural materials.

Superior Plus Ultra Hard Materials Drill Bits and Hole saws (Solid segment)

The Superior Plus range of drill bits and hole saws offer the user unrivalled performance and cost per cut when drilling the hardest of man made and natural decorative materials.

Ultra Hard Materials Diamond Blades

For ceramic wall and floor tile cutting, we offer a range of continuous rim blades designed to offer a clean cut with reduced chipping. With a Super Thin steel centre and high quality turbo rim segment our range of Ultra Hard Materials blades offer fast, smooth and clean cuts in Porcelain, Granite and Kiln fired wall and floor tiles. Suitable for wet or dry cutting. See page 6 (Ultra Hard Materials)